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The Uni Net Service IRC (Internet Relay Chat or text-conference) consists of channels of conversation of thematic character and cultural or scientific content, that make direct communication possible, in real time, between the users of the virtual communities, and has a series of peculiarities that differentiate it from the networks of conventional IRC.

The IRC network it is possible to be entered freely by anyone of the IRC , by means of an "IRC client program" . It is recommendable to connect itself to the next servant. When initiating the connection, will appear a message of welcome, brief reference of the points where it can find aid and the request to identify itself in the network.

Also it can enter without an IRC program, through several web pages , simply activating these connections. For example:

It can indifferently use one or another one, since they arrive at the same network, and channels

Single it is possible to be entered the registered channels. In case of trying to access to a channel that doesn't exist, he will receive a message notifying to him the error and the means of aid.

The relation of open channels of conversation can consult it in the Web or by means of the commando/list once connected a servant of the network.


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